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Kumutha Ramanathan

Award-Winning International Journalist.
Seasoned Keynote Speaker and Master of Ceremonies.
Communications Strategist.

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From Toronto To New York To London And Beyond

Kumutha Ramanathan has well over a decade of international experience as an award-winning journalist and seasoned communications strategist. She is also a public speaker, having hosted and moderated major events for the Empire Club of Canada, Collision Conference and others.
Kumutha Ramanathan In Blue Shirt Business Casual Attire

Cutting Through The Noise

From Toronto to New York to London and beyond, she has covered murders, protests, floods, hostage takedowns and many other dramatic events for 15 years as a journalist. Along the way, she has also sat down with CEOs, politicians and other notable public figures as an anchor and reporter – asking them the tough questions. Her investigative feature on gay and illegal migrants in the United States of America (USA) led to her being awarded the First Place Prize for reporting by the South Asian Journalists Association in 2012.

Ramanathan eventually chose to specialize in business journalism after moving to London, England. She reported on-air and produced for Bloomberg Television and Radio, Yahoo Finance and other publications there. Following her accomplishments as a journalist, she was nominated for the Asian Women of Achievement Awards UK in 2017.

Upon returning to her hometown of Toronto, she became a financial markets reporter and a regular fill-in anchor for BNN Bloomberg, the nation’s number-one business news network. She earned these roles after proving her financial acumen and ability to handle breaking news. As the first reporter in each day, she was also a newsroom leader who helped set the editorial priorities for the network’s North American audience. Out in the field, she played a leading role in BNN Bloomberg and Bloomberg Americas’ coverage of the Bank of Canada’s interest rate decisions in 2022 and 2023.

Kumutha Ramanathan In Blue Shirt Business Casual Attire
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A New Chapter

She recently leveraged her international experience into a venture she will announce soon.

Ramanathan holds degrees from the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University in New York, USA and the University of Toronto.

When she’s not working, she enjoys playing tennis and chasing after her four kids – two of whom are twin girls.

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Kumutha Ramanathan In White Business Suit